Makes Learning Biblical Hebrew Easy! 


Contains over 100 unique picture flashcards of the most common words first year Hebrew students need to know. 


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Roger Fankhauser

“Hebrew is a tough language to learn. This flashcard system helps change that by using clever short memory aids that tie the Hebrew word to the basic English translation. The student of basic Hebrew can quickly learn and remember the vocabulary. I highly recommend it.” 

David Brewer

“I've had the privilege of teaching Biblical Hebrew for 35 years and these are the most creative Hebrew flashcards I've seen. I highly recommend this wonderful tool!”

What's inside?

These innovative picture flashcards create a new way for Biblical Hebrew students to memorize vocab words. Each flashcard features a unique picture and mnemonic sentence, designed to build a bridge between English and Hebrew.

It features the most common vocabulary words that a Biblical Hebrew student will need to know: most all of the words occurring 500 times or more in the Hebrew Bible. Additionally, Volume 1 includes common pronouns, prepositions, numbers, and even a few bonus words. These digital flashcards are perfect for busy seminary or university students. 

Over 100 unique picture flashcards

Features the most common vocabulary words for first year Hebrew students

Works with the most popular Biblical Hebrew textbooks

For use with the Kindle app on any device

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My name is Greg and I love biblical languages! I created these flash cards while in graduate school as a tool to help learn beginning Hebrew. The goal was to bridge the gap between Hebrew and English using unique imagery and a mnemonic sentence for each common Hebrew word. 


The cards caught on among other seminary students as a useful tool to dramatically shorten the process of learning first year Hebrew vocabulary words. I expect it will cut your vocab study time in half!


Gregory D. Thorn